Measutronics offers top of the line SONAR and LiDAR units for use in the marine environment. Utilizing our custom built 24’ demo vessel “A Nickel More” we are able to put the customer in a hands-on exhibit. Every month we dedicate two consecutive days to what we call “Field of Dreams” that allow us to showcase our equipment and let the customer get some time using it in a work related atmosphere. Learn more about our Training and Demos here.

CEE HydroSystems Single Beam SONARS








CEE HydroSystems use only the highest quality components in manufacturing. From the latest powerful processor boards running advanced echo sounder bottom-tracking algorithms to our special custom-made Pelican™ case waterproof seals.


Carlson Merlin LiDAR







Merlin is engineered specifically to integrate with your vessel's existing hydrographic surveying equipment. It enables you to synchronize Merlin's above-water LiDAR data with your below-water sensors to simultaneously produce an accurate dataset of the environment above and below the waterline.