Measutronics Corporation is devoted to providing top tier positioning solutions in the marine environment. Measutronics uses a wide range of applications and techniques to fully serve each customer’s specific needs. You may not realize it, but Measutronics’ impact is much larger than you would expect for a company of its size. To learn more about Measutronics, read some of the mentions in popular publications below:

Deconstructing the Tappan Zee Bridge – Marine Construction Magazine Issue VI 2020

New “Eyes” On The Prize – Maritime Logistics Professional July/Aug 2019

Tappan Zee Constructors ‘See’ Above and Below the Hudson – Marine Technology Report Apr 2019

Measutronics Provides Situational Awareness For Equipment Operators – The Waterways Journal Sept 2018

Trimble Introduces Marine Equipment Interface to SITECH Dealers at Conference in Peru – International Dredging Review Mar/Apr 2018

Real-time 3D Surface Models Help Accelerate New Breakwater Build – Underwater Contractor International Nov/Dec 2017

Trimble Real-time 3D Surface Models Help Manson Construction Accelerate New Breakwater Build – International Ocean Systems Nov/Dec 2017

Why Would You Put a Multibeam Sonar on a Construction Barge? – Lou Nash – Teledyne Marine Technology Workshop 2017

Using Teledyne PDS Software for Pile Driving Applications – Trevor Yocum – Teledyne Marine Technology Workshop 2017

Teledyne Multibeam and Dredge Guidance Hardware and Software for Use in Bridge Demolition – Nathan Keys – Teledyne Marine Technology Workshop 2017

Trimble Recognizes Measutronics As Partner – International Dredging Review Sep/Oct 2017

Trimble Real-time 3D Surface Models Help Manson Construction Co. Accelerate New Breakwater Build at Mile Point – Aug 2017

3D Software Helps Marine Contractor Cut Pile Placement Time – The Waterways Journal June 2017

Manson Partners with Trimble and Measutronics – June 2017

Sevenson Dredging Project Used as Test Platform for New Trimble Marine Construction System – International Dredging Review June 2017

Precise Positioning – Piling Canada Q2 2017

Contractor Reduces Marine Pile Driving Time with 3D Controls – Engineering News-Record May 2017

Trimble and Teledyne Join Forces to Market Marine Construction Software – International Dredging Review Apr/May 2017

Survey Boat Demonstration Adds to Educational Opportunities at WODCON – International Dredging Review Jul/Aug 2016

Mapping Mission – Marine Technology Reporter Mar 2014

Mapping D-Day – International Ocean Systems Jan/Feb 2014

Mapping the Hidden Wrecks of D-Day – Underwater Contractors International Jan/Feb 2014

D-Day Expedition – International Ocean Systems Nov/Dec 2013

Largest Historical D-Day Mapping Expedition – Underwater Magazine Nov/Dec 2013

Requirements Ever Increasing for Hydrographer Skill Set – Marine Technology Reporter May 2012

PAPER: 3D Sonar Measurements in Wakes of Ships of Opportunity – Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology

Suspended in Midair – Point of Beginning Jan 2010

No Rest on Labor Day (Bay Bridge) – Technology and More Jan 2010

Efficient Dredge Guidance – World Dredging May 2004

The GPS for Underwater – Oceanology Today Summer 2004

Triumph of Technology – Dredging and Port Construction Jan 2004

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GPS Hydrography Preserve a Shoreline – Point of Beginning Aug/Sep 1995