Measutronics offers a full range of Trimble and Applanix marine products and systems. Our team blends a diverse range of knowledge and experience that includes Geomatics, Surveying, Construction, Electronics, Mechanical, and Marine Technology which allows us to offer installation, training, support, and integration of these products.

GNSS Receivers

Trimble Marine GNSS receivers and antennas provide survey grade positioning to suit hydrographic and marine construction applications – from DGPS to full RTK.


Positioning Services

High accuracy positioning is becoming more important every day, but this requires utilization of an RTK correction source. When base stations and cell connectivity (for VRS) is impractical or nonexistent, satellite-based corrections are crucial. These services can reach accuracies suitable for nearly every application and do not require any additional equipment.


Robotic Total Stations





The Trimble SPS620, SPS730, SPS720, and SPS930 Universal Total Stations were designed specifically for the dynamic scenarios typically found in a marine environment. Unique Trimble technology offers high position update rates, synchronized angle and distance measurements, and low latency.


Inertial Navigation Systems

POS_AND_ORI_INERTIAL_PCTUREApplanix POS MV is a user-friendly, turnkey system designed and built to provide accurate position, heading, attitude, heave, and velocity data of your marine vessel and remote sensing equipment. POS MV is field-tested and proven in all conditions. POS MV blends GNSS data with angular rate and acceleration data from an IMU, and heading from GPS Azimuth Measurement System (GAMS) to produce a robust and accurate full six degrees-of-freedom position and orientation solution.


Marine Positioning and Guidance

machine control





Measutronics offers a variety of machine control options from the Trimble Marine Construction systems including: dredges, wire cranes, and the marine excavator using Earthworks; as well as custom integration solutions.